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The Barracuda Paddle

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Barracuda Paddles is a leading designer of canoe paddles. We have developed some of the most innovative paddle designs the outdoor community has ever seen. From sweeping blade designs that make paddling a pleasure to cutting edge technology introduced in the Barracuda Power Kit. Barracuda Paddles continues to be a leading company in innovative paddle design.

Power Kit Testimonials

Steve K.

"The kit was so easy to use. I immediately felt the difference when I used the paddle."

George T.

"The people at Barracuda Paddles were so nice and knowledgeable about using the paddle. It made the decision to upgrade very easy."

Mark E.

"I don't get to canoe much but when I do I like to make the most of it. The Power Kit was so simple to use and it made a big difference in my stroke. Thanks for the terrific product."

John S.

"The Power kit was easy to apply to my paddle and within 24 hours I was ready to use it."

John M.

"After I applied the Power Kit, I could feel the blade grabbing the water with every stroke. Incredible!"